Workshop on Puppet Making on Zoom during Lockdown Part 2


In continuation with puppet making workshop, the second session was held this Saturday 8th August.


The detail of the first session appears here


 Some of the teachers were not able to attend the second session because of the poor network issues, but those who attended both the sessions were the lucky ones because many interesting topics were covered during this session.

Some of the puppet made this week...


A proper way of making spring from paper strips was shown. The springs made thus were attached to the box (wrapped by coloured paper) as four legs, tail and neck. Giraffe head was drawn and stuck to the neck paper spring and strings were attached in the front and at the back of the box. Some of the teachers made beautiful giraffe using this technique.


An open shoe box was used to make a grumpy old man. At the bottom of the box, two holes were made to insert fingers that looked like feet of the old man.


Three teaching aids were made.

1. The dice with different actions written on the face eg jump, walk, sit….

2. Four or more sets of paper cups joined together for teaching mathematics with each glass having different numbers or signs for learning addition, subtraction or multiplications….

3. Set of two paper plates were used to make clock with minutes and hours.


Madhuri Kale also showed some shadow puppets, but shadow puppets is a wide topic and could not be completed in one session so she just gave a general information of how shadow puppets can be used to address social issues.


Few videos were shown on how she uses the puppets as the art of story telling. It was very beneficial to all the teachers present online. There were some 200 participants attending this free of charge workshop, Many children also were present and their involvement added a beautiful flavour to the session.


I would like to thank Madhuri Kale and Food for Thought Foundation for creating such opportunities for teachers who are stuck at home due to this lockdown. Many teachers benefited from this, a post meeting is scheduled on Zoom for the teacher of our school who attended this session. They are asked to come with attractive, durable and informative puppets. They will make short term and long term plans on how they are going to use these puppets in classroom activities.


My sincere thanks to the team of Magical Whispers, you could follow them at Facebook and see their activities here