Workshop on Puppet Making on Zoom during Lockdown

The puppet is an emotion, a direct feeling, a metaphor, an image that communicates. The puppet moves us we don’t move it……..Martha Graham.

Puppetry is a very ancient form of the theatre, it takes any form, but shares the process of animating inanimate things, performing them to tell a story.

On August 1, 2020 webinar was organised for teachers by Food4thoughtfoundation on ZOOM app. . 

It was hosted by Ms Madhuri Kale, an ICF Certified Coach, Certified Puppeteer and a Storyteller. Many teachers from different parts of India attended the workshop. Our school teachers also attended this workshop and were able to learn the basic skill of puppets making.

 The puppets were made from waste materials such as empty boxes, plastic spoons, paper plates, empty bottles, ice-cream sticks, paper bags etc.. 

Our school teachers showed great interest in puppet making techniques and many of them were making their own puppets at home, while watching Ms Kale demonstrate online.  It was interesting to see the puppets made during the workshop. Many children also took part in this workshop side by side and they were proud to show their artistically made puppets at home.

some of the puppets made during the session were:

Small yellow chick from card papers cut from cereal boxes..Finger puppets

A doll with face made of plastic spoon and dressed with clothes..Hand puppets

An elephant made from paper bag with trunk and large ears, shaped out from card paper and stuck on paper bag.

A clown made from empty plastic bottle, the top of the bottle covered with coloured card paper, and features etched out, newspaper rolled into a long tube and inserted inside the bottles for easy hold and covered with cloth.

A dragon made from an empty medicine box, wrapped with coloured paper and cut open on 3 sides. folded to form a square face, adding large eyes, nose and teeth gave it a sinister look..

frog made from paper plate. Paper plate folded into half to make a face, another half plate cut and stuck on the top to create a pocket for inserting fingers to move the puppets mouth, large eyes, and tongue completed the picture.

The puppets can be used to create stories, and Ms Kale did churn out few interesting stories while making puppets.

This workshop encouraged the craftsmanship and originality of the teachers and enabled them to learn about puppet design, puppetry and story making technique.

It proved to be a true Learning Experience for all the participants and each teacher was inspired to make one of their own.

The main objective of the workshop was to make simple puppets out of waste material, to create educational concepts and awareness of social issues in the classroom. 

"It is a powerful tool for narrating during classroom for teaching, as well as it is therapeutic for children in improving their language and listening skills, critical thinking and to lengthen their attention span." said Ms Kale 

The workshop lasted for nearly three hours but it was worth all the time spent learning this art.

Some of the teachers who took active part in Puppet making were Vibha teacher, Aditi teacher,  Nidhi teacher, Grace teacher, Smita teacher, Surekha teacher.....