Dandia Celebration sept 2022

As a first timer for all these events at SBP, I am a bit confused every time, thinking how will be the event and how much will be the participation from the parents’ side.

 I couldn’t attend Parents/Grand Parents Day celebrations at school, as we returned on the same day from a 12-day trip to our hometown. So, I didn’t want to miss the Navratri celebration held at Varkari Bhavan for SBP Students, Parents and staff.

Leaving from home in a floral dress with all makeup done, I did ask my husband, whether I look like I am going attend a marriage! When I reached the venue, I was literally blown away seeing many mothers and the kids all decked up in traditional costumes, makeup and with those sunshine smiles.

I love dancing, but I am not a great dancer. I enjoy my happy feet moving along with the rhythm. But most of the times my dance is restricted to the kitchen where I enjoy myself shaking a leg while I am cooking, reason being afraid of getting judged by others. This time I enjoyed doing garba with this enthusiastic crowd, who were just being themselves. From those 5–6-year-old kids to the senior citizen grandparents, wow what a sight it was to see all of them just being happy and dancing.

The fun competitions for groups of kids, staff and parents, made the evening more enjoyable
 In school events, I don’t have to worry about my son, as I know that he is as comfortable as he is at home, when he is with teachers and friends from school. SBP school is a place where I can be me, just me! 

Thank you for all good souls of SBP Family, for being there for each other and teaching each other how to celebrate our lives. So here I am enthusiastically waiting for next event at SBP.

By Remmia Jayprakash
Tanmay Dev’s Mother