September 2016 Birthday Celebration at School

The fourth birthday celebration of this Academic year was held on the 29th September between 11.00am-12.30pm. 

In this month we celebrated 12 birthdays of students and staff.  The responsibility of the event was taken by Mrs Grace Rekha Simoes, class teacher of Pre vocational-I along with students. The preparations began from the second week of the month. Gifts were packed by Mst. Rahul, Mst. Clement and Ms Prajakta. Birthday cards were made by the Ms Piya, Ms Sayli, and Ms Sulaksha with the help of the teacher. Birthday messages were written by Mst. Shreerag and Ms Kareena. 

Cake was sponsored by Mrs Charu Shah and Mrs Hansa Maru. The snacks (Wada, Dhokla, farsan, and frooty was sponsored by our well wisher to all the students and staff. Before celebration Mrs Shobha, Mrs Rupali, and Mrs Smita Waghmare took activity with all students together in two groups related to Self Advocacy. All the students performed the activity without any help. 

After the cake was cut all the students who celebrated their birthday in the month of September were presented gifts and birthday cards by their respective classmates. Celebration ended with music and dance.


The purpose of the event celebration was all the students should come together and enjoy the event.