Cookathon 2023

Cookathon was organized on 3rd March 2023 for students along with their Parents from 1:30 pm to 2:30 p.m. in our school premises.

14 teams (Parent + Student) took part in this competition from both units of the school. Based on the category of food items, participants were divided into 2 groups:- 


As per the theme of the year “Panchamrit” the participants were required to prepare dishes using five (Panch) ingredients only.

Further in tune with the theme of the year, Dishes were judged on the five criteria including –
1. Ingredients
2. Nutritional Value 
3. Innovative Recipe
4. Presentation 
5. Cleanliness 

The eminent panel of Judges was constituted. It included Mrs. Lakshmi Patro and Mrs Avita Agarwal.

Mrs Lakshmi Patro, Zone coordinator of zone 4 for 3H projects (Health, Hygiene and Happiness). As a coordinator, she took up the responsibility of spreading awareness about Health and Hygiene through various projects along with the members of all inner wheel clubs of zone 4.  

 Mrs. Avita Agarwal is a certified Nutritionist, Dietitian and Diabetic Educator. She is working as assistant Professor in Public Health. 

The most eagerly awaited event started with children (assisted by their parents) made innovative desserts and snacks at their live counters and produced the most tasty dishes.  The results were declared and prize money consisted of cash prize of Rs.2000, Rs.1000 and Rs.500 was distributed among the winners. 

Our sincere gratitude to ‘Mirpuri family’ for sponsoring the prizes

Winners of the Snack group.
    1st – Soham Dhansasure with his parents 
    2nd – Sanchit Gandhi with his parents 
    3rd – Aryan Paradkar with his parents 

  Winners of the Dessert group
     1st – Aditya P. with his parents 
     2nd – Shubham Shetty with his parents 
    3rd- Arya Jaiswal with her parents 

All other participants were encouraged by gifting them apron for their use. 

The objective of the event is  to motivate all parents to participate in different school activities, interact with other parents, share their ideas or feedback with other parents , observe which skills they should teach their child at home, and enjoy the event.
Towards the end of the program Judges, Parents and Ms Pushpa Moorjari (Trustee) shared their valuable experience from the event. The program concluded on a happy note with vote of thanks from Principal Sukanya Maam. 

Report prepared by Nidhi

Here is the video of the event