Case Study of Sankesh Koli

Sankesh koli is a sponsored child, sponsored by a well wisher from Tenerife, Spain. He is 15-year-old mentally challenged child with the IQ level 60-65. He was admitted in our school June 2000.

He was born a normal child but on the 5th day after birth he had high fever, further leading to pneumonia. He was on heavy medication and this was the period when parents observed that something was different about him.

When he joined our school, he had no academic skills and had poor communication and socialization skills. He was very shy.

He has shown marked improvements over the years. He is independent in ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and has shown improvement in academic skills. He has speech problem but has developed communication skills. He is working on Numerical Concept, Measurement, Money concept, Time Concept. He can read and write his name and address and is able to copy a few simple sentences

Presently, he is placed in the pre vocational class and is learning activities like painting diyas, making agarbattis and also drawing. He is good in art activities. He participated in drawing competition and even won a prize.

He takes part in extra-curriculum activities. He is learning to skate and gets a special coaching to be able to participate in sports. He is also learning to play table tennis.

Sankesh is a poor eater and does not enjoy eating and needs a lot of coaxing while eating.
He likes to play alone and watches TV when he is at home. He loves to dress up and likes to wear good clothes.

He does not keep well and many times he has to miss the school due to his poor health. He loves coming to school and is very punctual.

His home environment is not very congenial. Father does not keep good health and as a result the responsibility of running the house lies totally on the mother. He has one elder sister who failed the 10th class and is working in a factory. His younger brother is studying in Class seven. They live in a joint family with uncle & aunts and grandparents. He is a favorite of his aunt and who tries to fulfill all his demands.

Sankesh is exempted from paying fees and also his other school requirements such as stationery, uniform and other educational materials, as he is the sponsored child of our school.

Date of birth: 13the June 1991

Residential Address : At Diwale Koliwada,Post Konkan Bhavan, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai