Dandhiya Competition

 On 24th October 2020, Dandhiya competition was organised on Watsapp group. 

There were 47 participants and they were divided into four groups. The children had prepared a small video of about 2minutes each with their family members. This program was organised with the help of coordinators. Chhaya, Rupali, Dr Charu, Grace, Pallavi who played the key role in organising it behind the scenes. 

230 members were invited, that included parents, well wishers and sponsors of our school from different parts of world. 

The program started at 3pm. Messages, dandhiya dance videos, classroom activities were posted in an organised manner for over three hours. This was a virtual program and was very entertaining. 

The winners were judged by Mrs. Mala Iyer, Ms.Shobhna Sukamar Nair and Dr Swaran Arora. Dances were judge on the basis of their dance steps, costume and presentation. The prizes were sponsored by our well wishers and there were three winners in each group. 

 First prize winners received a cash prize of Rs1500 each 

Second prize winners received cash prize of Rs1000 each 

Third prize winners received a cash prize of Rs800 

All other participant received Rs500 each. 

The prize money was sent to all the participants by google pay since we are still under lockdown and are in virtual contact with everybody. The program was appreciated by everybody and was an afternoon well spent.