Cookathon Salad Decoration Competition

 On 26th September 2020, a virtual Cookathon Salad Decoration Competition was organised on social media called Watsapp. 

Sixty six students from both Centres (SBP centre for PWID at CBD and Seabird Centre at Uran )took part in this event. The attendance was houseful with total number of 256 members that included parents, staff and well wishers of the organisation from Mumbai and also from all over the world. 

Three judges were appointed to grade the presentation on the context of creativity and neatness. 

Names of judges 1.Ms.Shilpa Seth Bhambri Chef and founder of The Cakeline; Culinary consultant at Baskin Robbins India 2. Ms.Inderpreet Nagpal Home chef and food entrepreneur. Has Pickle brand 'Herb&Spices and Rummy's Kitchen 3. Ms.Rabia Patel Development Officer at LIC India, founder of Giant group Mumbai One & food lover 

The event started at 2:45pm with general introduction to the program that they were to view. The comment box was closed during the event and was opened only after all presentations of participants was exhibited. At 3pm, a welcome video of Principal Ms. Sukanya Venkataraman was shown, followed by videos of coordinators and judges. 

Sixty six participants were grouped into six parts with a break between each group. A video of children' activities were shown during breaks while judges were busy with grading the scores. The competition was judged on the merit of their presentation and creativity. The comment box was thrown open at the end of show and the interaction between audience was profound. Everybody was amazed by the skills and ability of special children. 

The results were finally announced with 3 grand prizes for every group with Rs1500 as 1st prize, Rs1000 as 2nd prize and Rs800 as 3rd prize. All other participants were awarded Rs500 each. E-Certificates were also given to all participants. The cash prizes were sponsored by our well wisher. It ended with vote of thanks by Founder and Managing Trustee Mr. Shirish Poojary. 

The show was conceptualised and organised by Trustee Ms Pushpa Moorjani  The success of the show was the result of dedication and unity of the staff members, who were able to coordinate with parents in helping their children for developing skills such as washing the vegetables, peeling, chopping and finally arranging and presenting it in an artistic manner.