Teacher’s Day 2020

 Teacher’s day was celebrated in a unique manner this year due to the Pandemic.


A video of all staff members was made by Trustee Ms. Pushpa Moorjani with the support of Ms. Chhaya.  You can watch it on UTube


On Teacher’s day, she also organized a virtual game for all the staff members with the help of Principal Sukanya Venkataraman.


The game was with simple clues-It was a game of Selfie


Simple clues given and the staff had to guess the object, take a Selfie with the object and post it in the Watsapp group


Points were scored by persons who reached maximum times on the first position, 5th position and 10th position


The clues were prepared by both( Pushpa and Sukanya) the previous day.


On the 5th September, the Teacher’s Day, the rules of the game were shared in the school teachers group 15 minutes prior to starting the game. Ms. Pushpa took charge of posting the clues and Ms. Sukanya took charge of recording the entries. They compiled the results and posted it immediately after every clue. A time limit of 2 minute was set after posting the clue was allowed for the staff to post their pictures.


It was fun to watch the staff members scurrying hurriedly to guess the name of the object from the clues and click Selfies to reach 1st, 5th ,10th position or last position. It kept them on their toes. Some posted blurred pictures, some sent multiple selfies and they were disqualified.


15 such clues were shared and the staff members participated with enthusiasm.


At the end of the game the names of winners were declared and the prize money was sent to the winners bank accounts by Ms. Chhaya.


Although the celebration was very different from what we normally, have for the teachers every year it was a very enjoyable day for all.