Mayor's Trophy

Students of SBP have been participating in various dance and music competitions. The latest was
On 28th February 2020 , Mayor's trophy organized by NMMC. This competition was for mainstream kids and groups were decided according to the age group. Our school took part in the open group section and performed Solo and group dance. It was a great platform for us to prove to the society that our kids are capable of competing with their regular peer group.
Before taking part in the competition the teachers appealed to the organizers to judge the students performance without sympathy.
Solo dance performances were given by " Kareena" and "Sneha Varma" and the judges were impressed by their dance.
In the group dance students performed a "skate dance". 14 students were a part of this group. They won the consolation prize and were also given an opportunity to perform the same dance during the final competition. On 3rd March'20 the group dance was performed and the students received a standing ovation from the audience.
 This was a new and exhilarating experience for the students as well as the Teachers.