Food Festival

Food Festival is a festive occasion celebrated at SBP on account of Holi. The event enables participation of Parents in the school activities and provides a learning opportunity for students in school. The menu is fixed by the coordinators along with the staff members. The Parents are informed about the food item to be sent and the quantity required. Parents get involved wholeheartedly. They divide the responsibilities among themselves on the day of food festival- making a corner for pooja of Annapurna Devi, food display and decoration. A menu chart is displayed which develops reading skills.

Students are encouraged to come class wise, stand in line and serve food to themselves under the supervision of the volunteering parents and their class teachers. The food items served this year were Puri, Chole, Pulav, Onion Bhajiya, Potato Bhajiya, Papad, Pickle and Rasgulla. The bhajiyas were made by the members of the Swayam group in the school premises. The food items were served on banana leaf as Prasad and an arti was sung in praise of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Anna purni. Students prayed to goddess Annapurni for abundance of food in the  universe and for good health. Students enjoyed the tasty variety of food served and ate happily with their friends.

What did the students learn from this event?
1. Social skills -waiting, standing in line, serving food to self, to take enough food so as not to waste or over eat and sharing.
2. Vocabulary and communication skills
3. Reading Skills and numerical skills