Potluck at School

17th February 2020 was the memorable day for all..the children, the staff and for the visitors.

It was a day for an home science activity for children. Nine children from our Vocational and Swayam group took part in this activity on how to entertain guests. While some more children performed dance and singing.

One group of children made sandwiches, other group made Poha and third group made tang. They were supervised by their teachers and two parents. The children enjoyed this activity and learnt the recipe and the method of preparing the food.

The guests that they were to entertain were the members of a food group. #ChaiShaiAurBatein  is a private potluck group that meets once a month at Shital’s Food Cottage to share their ideas and cooking skills. All the members are from diverse culture and every month they play with a common ingredients churning out different dishes. This month, their theme was to make sweets for children and they had decided to share it with SBP school students at CBD at Belapur.

But they were in for a surprise when they discovered the talent in special children. The children had set the dinning area at school patio, set it neatly with table mats and plates, serviette and spoon. Some children put on the performance while the guests were served food prepared by them.

It turned out to be a small party with sit-down-and-enjoy-the-show There was food, there were smiles, there was performance by talented children. The guests were so overwhelmed by the event, organised specially for them, that they ended up dancing with kids too.

"Dancing at #ChaiShaiAurBaatein ??? These beautiful Children made us Dance & Sing along with them indeed....When SBP  hostess invited us for having my Chai Shai Aur Baatein at their School for Special Children, I don't think any of us thought we would be Dancing & Singing at the end of the afternoon besides having some Delicious Food cooked by them. #Staytuned to watch some amazing gifts that God has bestowed on all these Children who passed on their energy and positivity to not only me but all of us there." Wrote Shital Kakad (on her FB status,) who organises the monthly potluck at her food studio 'ShitalFoodCottage'

The visitors were so mesmerised with the presentation of this event that they forgot their own party and were enjoying the food prepared by children.The day ended with children enjoying the delicacies prepared by the food blogger.


  1. It was an Out of the Box event.Thanks to Chaishaibattien group for travelling so far and giving us their valuable time. Our students are a source of energy to all of us. The efforts put in by the SBP team in training the students are commendable. Our parents too are supportive. Our students put in their best efforts when given an opportunity and that's what they need. Thanks once again to Chaishaibattien team


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