November 2019 Birthday Celebration

On 29th November 2019, birthday celebration was organized by Primary-II class students and teacher from 11.00-12.15 noon. This month 9 students and 3 staff members celebrated their birthdays. The birthday preparations began in the first week of November. Gifts and cards were made and packed by the students of the Primary-II with the help of the class teacher and Art and craft teacher (Ms. Smita Vartak). Birthday messages were copied by Mst. Sarang Borole and Ms. Bhoomi Kamble.  The event was anchored by Mst. Sarang Borole and Ms. Bhoomi Kamble along with Ms. Grace Rekha Simoes (class teacher).
             This month’s birthday celebration  focus was on “Pravaas” of our students during Diwali Vacation (Before going to vacation all teachers informed parents if any student is travelling anywhere he/she should take photos or videos and make PPT Presentation). During birthday celebration we got PPT of ” Pravaas” (Arnav- Play Group Student and Chirag  student of Primary-I) from a parent.
              Mst. Arnav went to Lavassa with his family for one day picnic. Before moving for the picnic he packed his bag, he travelled by car and during his journey he saw lakes, gardens, animals and the sunset (that was his pravaas).
Mst. Chirag went to Allahabad by train for 10 days with his parents. During his Pravaas he attended a wedding, visited the temple, did shopping and visited his uncle’s house.
 After showing PPT of “Pravaas”, Ms. Minal Koli student of Primary-II put Tilak and Aukshan for all the birthday students and staff independently and confidently.
        Through PPT we gave message to all students that-“During Pravaas we travel with different vehicles, and during this journey we come across many people.              
           After cutting of the cake, students and the staff who celebrated their birthday in the month of November were presented with gifts and cards by their respective classmates and friends. All students and staff members enjoyed cake and Bread Pattice.  All members enjoyed the celebration.