Staff Development

Staff members of SBP get exposed to opportunities for learning through a set of activities. In the first term they sharpened their skills by making presentations on topics of their choice. For some it was just their first time and they made efforts to research on the topics chosen and presented through various mediums. This helped build their confidence. They were given a positive feedback about their presentation and the areas where they should work on for improvement were discussed in detail.

Pearl Bhima Dhandekar gave a presentation about hoisting of the  National Flag. She briefed about the rules and points to be kept in mind while preparing the flag for hoisting. The Presentation was   very informative and it was followed practical demonstration of preparing the flag for hoisting.    

Pearl Dr. Charushila Nikose gave a practical demonstration of how numbers could be learnt in a fun way  by making figures out of them.                                                                                                             
 Pearl Shobha Phadtare spoke about women empowerment and women rights.