On 22nd August 2019, a meeting was organized by Parent’s coordinators, Mrs Grace Rekha Simoes and Mrs. Nidhi Katare, for parents of students from Play Group and Pre-Primary I class along with Parent’s Representatives.
The Objective of meeting was-
1)     Parent Interaction
2)     Sharing information about each other
3)     Understand the barrier
4)     Information and importance of Parent’s Representatives
5)     To build coordination between Parents and Parent’s Representatives
6)     Feedback regarding class teacher, class activities/Progress.
7)     Parent’s response to Parents Representative
8)     Challenges facing by Parents Representatives
9)     Class teacher’s feedback about parents
10)  Class teacher’s expectations from Parents
11)  Parents feedback ( Expectation ) regarding Parents Coordinators

                  The programme stared at 1.45 pm with an ice –breaking activity for parents. It was to share the likes of other members and also have the same connectivity with other members. Parents enjoyed the game. All parents introduced them-self with different style.
Ten parents from Play Group and four Parents of Pre-Primary –I attended the meeting.
               Parents were grouped as per class to discuss with each other. Mrs.  Nidhi katare and Mrs. Grace Rekha talked about duties and importance of the Parents Representative and how they play a role as a bridge between the parents and class teacher. The Parents Representative expressed that the calls and reminders for the meeting were not attended by the parents.             

Following points were discussed by parents-
1.     Parents are very happy with the progress of their children
2.     They requested the teachers to share the videos of classroom activities so that they could follow the same at home.
3.     They requested transportation for the students who come half day to school
4.     They complained about high fees charged by private bus
5.     They requested for a speech therapist.

Suggestions from Management-:
1) The teacher will share the videos of class activities with the Parents.
2) Management will appoint tailor from next year.
3) In class programme teacher will focus more on speech and language skills.
4) Parents should watch the exercises that the occupational therapist does and repeat the same at home.
Some parents also gave the feedback in writing as follows-:
1)     “Timing of school to be adjusted” feedback by Viraj’s mother.
2)     Pradynesh’s mother wanted to know the field that would interest her son.
3)     Riya’s mother wanted meetings to be held on Saturdays or Sundays.
4)     Nevan’s father wanted speech therapy and potty training for his son.
5)     Sharayan’s mother wanted videos of class activities.

The meeting ended with discussion of parents amongst each other.