Umbrella Painting Workshop

Art is freedom of expression, the vibrant colors actually elevate the moods. On 1st August 2019, umbrella colouring workshop was organised at school by Saili Rawool

Selected students, staff from vocational unit and some parents took part in this workshop. A smaller groups were formed of few students and an adult. Umbrellas, fabric paints , brushes and stencils were distributed to each group. A demo was given to each group to show them the technique of painting.

With the help of an adult, the children started to paint on umbrella with great concentration producing beautiful designs. It was pleasure watching them paint with so much focus that they were unaware of their surrounding.

The children happily painting the umbrella and then click an selfie to proudly display their work. Fifteen umbrella were painted in the span of two hour session. The painted umbrella were kept for drying for 24 hours.

Children enjoyed a lot and complimented each other’s work. It was a day well spent.