Self Development Program for Teachers Of Special School..Part Two

The third session of Shri. Yogesh Bhagdi was organizsd on 3rd August 2019. The first chapter of Bhagwat Gita was discussed by him.

This was followed by presentations by the staff as a part of the staff development activity initiated by the Event coordinators.

Pearl  Dhananjay made his presentation about Special Olympics, its inception, the different games included and the ability marking method. He presented a PPT and spoke in Marathi. He was confident and answered questions related to the topic.

Pearl Rupali spoke about Body Language- (what it is and what does it tell us). The different types of body language and the different strategies used to improve the same. She spoke in Hindi and presented a well prepared PPT. The session was informative, interesting and very impressive. Rupali presented with confidence and ease.

Pearl Rekha presented her Topic- Khushi ka Jeewan (KKJ). She began with an activity whereby she requested everybody to close their eyes and visualise their life after 5 years. Then she invited everybody to write in one word about what they had visualised. She summarised the points written on the board by all by stating that “To have a happy life we need Money- (Batwe ki sehat), good health- (Badan ki sehat) and a good attitude – (Man ki sehat), thus presenting the formula as KKJ. She spoke in Hindi/English and with the help of a PPT she shared her views with confidence. The session was very interactive.

Pearl Surekha- shared her knowledge about Bharatnatyam with a practical demonstration. She spoke about the importance of Namaskar and about tying of gungaroo. She read out the History of Bharat Natyam from her mobile. She requested everybody to stand and participate in the performance of Bharat Natyam steps and exercises. The session was very informative and interactive. She presented confidently although the session exceeded the time limit of 15 mins.

Pearl Laxman’s topic was about meditation. He requested everyone to sit on the floor. The instructions for meditation were played on the audio. All staff members closed their eyes and relaxed till the end of the meditation.

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