Independence Day Report 2019

On 15th August 2019, 73rd Independence Day was celebrated at the school premises. The celebration began at 8:45 am. Seventy persons including teachers, students and parents gathered together for this occasion. The chief guests for this celebration were Mrs. Anshul (Head of Evolve School), Ms. Anjanee (Choreographer and Event Organizer) and Mrs. Chanchal (Marathi Actress Maaj The Finish it). 

A parent (Mr. & Mrs. Poojari) were selected from lucky draw to hoist the national flag along with guests of honor.

The flag hoisting was followed by cultural program, anchored by Mrs. Bhima Dhandekar and Mrs. Shobha Phadtare. As part of the program, students and teachers sang patriotic songs individually as well as with Karaoke tracks in groups. Students also delivered patriotic speeches and performed cultural dances. This was followed by speeches of chief guests and parents who emphasized on importance of the celebration and the role of the school in helping students realise the same. 
A vote of thanks by our principal Mrs. Sukanya V, followed by serving of snacks and conclusion of the celebration.
The celebration rejuvenated the feeling of patriotism in everyone present as it reminded us of the sacrifices made to build our nation. It is our responsibility that we, as a citizen, take measured actions that will contribute towards the progress of India.