Seed Ball Project By Inner Wheel Club Of Navi Mumbai

Nature walk and Seed ball project was an initiative of Inner Wheel Club of Navi Mumbai Hill Side in collaboration with Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan CBD centre.

The team of Inner Wheel Club took their first step for this Seed Ball Project on 9th April2019. The main objective of this project (also known as ‘Earth ball project’) was to make every student contribute towards the goal of growing maximum trees, leading towards a greener planet.

In this project, seed-bombing technique is used that introduces vegetation to a land by throwing or dropping seed balls. Seed balls can be used preferably in any region where plants can grow: for reseeding ecosystems into areas of man-made deserts, for avoiding seed eating insects and animals and for protecting seeds until rains fall to soak the seed ball and stimulate the seeds. Seeds contained in such balls then germinated in ideal conditions for each climate or region.

The students and staff of Brahmanand Pratisthan School participated in this event on ‘seed bombing and nature walking on 10th July’19 at Sector 8A CBD, Hill Side. This event was in continuation of the workshop initiated by Inner Wheel Club on 9th April. The students and few parents were asked to prepare mud balls with different seeds on the day of this workshop. A total of 1300 balls were made. These balls were then stored in a dry place for 60 days, after which the seed-bombing event was conducted on 10th July to finally use these dry seed balls.

The event started with a lot of excitement and energy from the children. 90 students participated in the outdoor event and the rest of the students at school participated in the indoor activity. The younger students reached the venue by bus whereas the older students along with the staff walked to reach the venue of the event. The students, who couldn’t walk, participated in this event at the school in the tree plantation activity.

Being a rainy day, students carried raincoats and umbrellas of different colors that looked very delightful to watch. Also children enjoyed the trek towards the top hill in the rain. They even played in the water flowing from the hills while trekking. As we reached the hilltop, there was a lot of excitement in the children’s eyes and they started throwing those seed balls all around the place.

After our return back to the school, students were given cake packets for snacks as a token of participation by the Inner Wheel Club.

It was a great experience for students and a very memorable one. Everyone felt very positive and happy by their small contribution towards growing plants and making a greener planet.

We are grateful to Inner Wheel Club for their initiative towards greener planet.