June 2019 Birthday Celebration

On 28th June birthday celebration was organised by Vocational – I Class. It was the first birthday celebration of the academic year 2019-20.

This year, our school has completed 30 years. The theme for this year is  “Pravaas –The Journey of a pearl”

Just like a pearl is formed by addition of layers over the years to become more valuable, so is our school where we teach and groom our students in such a way that they collectively shine and give the school premises its lustre.

As per theme, children wore pearl coloured dresses with pearl accessories and looked vibrant. The event began with explanation and information about the word “PRAVAAS” followed by celebrations focussed on social skills.

The focus of this month is on the word “PRAVAAS”.            

Some questions discussed with the students:
-Where did you go during vacation?
-How do we travel?
-How we travel to school daily?
-How many years has our school completed?

The word “PRAVAAS” was explained by our founder madam Mrs Shirish Poojari. She called few students of different age groups on stage and explained how they all came to the school when they were 4/5 years old and their growth at school thus explaining the Pravaas of the students from one level to another. She also spoke about how the school started with just 2 students and now is a centre of learning for 150 students thus, symbolising the "Pravaas" of the school.

This was followed by a demonstration of "Pravaas" by Mrs. Bhima Dilip Dhandekar of a journey of a seed to being a full grown plant. Students and staff of different ages were called on the stage to stand as per their age, Different jubilee celebrations were also explained.

June born16 students and 6 staff members celebrated their birthday together. Everyone was blessed by doing “Ankshan" (Tilak and arati for good life ahead).

Later they cut cake together and received gifts from their friends and classmates. This was followed by lunch where dal rice and gulab jamun were served.

The objective of the event was to make the students aware about their journey of life and the 30 year journey of their school.