April 2019 Birthday Celebration

12th April’19 was the last day of this academic year. Along with the celebration of birthdays of the students and the staff, there was a quiz contest that was held in which the students participated enthusiastically. Prior to the birthday celebration the quiz competition was held.  The motto behind the quiz competition was to educate the students about the general facts and figures of our nation and to spread awareness about the beauty that lies within it. The proceedings of the day were as given below.

41 students participated in a quiz contest that was dedicated to our country. The batch of 41 was trained to see images/slide, identify them, name the river, Arabian Sea, places and monuments in India.

5 team leaders were selected who were eligible to select 8 team members and encourage the members to think and discuss in a group. The team names were EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH and CENTRE.

The contest was conducted in the first half of the day from 11:00am till 12:15 pm. The teams were seated in the assembly area and were once more prepared to revise the Images shown to them on the last week’s Thursday and this week’s Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Children were aware of the contest and were also excited to participate in it. Each team very wisely thought and discussed amongst the group members to give an answer to the question likes
·      Who was the first prime minister of India?
·      Tell the name of National fruit/National Bird/National animal.
·      Which monument is made from white Marble?
·      Tell 3/5 neighbouring countries of India.
·      Tell the 3 names of our country.
·      Describe the National Emblem.
The questions were asked in 5 rounds. Each team leader took the responsibility to select a speaker for their team in each round. The entire event was monitored to avoid rule breaking and the rules were repeated in each round for the team leaders.
Team WEST was the winner, Team South- 2nd position and Team North – 3rd Position.

In the 2nd half of the day at 2:00pm all the students present in the school were seated in the assembly area after a treat at lunch given by School. The menu was – Aloo Paratha with chutney, Biriyani, Papad and salad.

The Students with birthday in the month of April and May were listed for the celebration on the same day. 12 students, 1 ex-student and 4 staff have their birthday in April’19, all the birthday girls and boys were blessed by doing their “Aukshan” (tilak and aarti for good life ahead)

Later they cut the cake together followed by receiving gifts from their friends and classmates and also clicked photos with them. After this the same was done for 13 students and 1 staff who have their birthday in May’19.