Birthday Celebration - January 2019

On 30th January 2019, birthday celebration was held in school, coordinated by Primary I class students and Mrs.Vidya Avasak- the class teacher. We celebrated birthday of 8 students and 4 staff members. All children looked vibrant in civil dress.

                       Responsibilities and duties were given to primary I class students for conducting the party. Birthday cards and gifts for staffs made by P-I students, Gifts were made out of waste materials. 

Prior to the event, responsibilities were given to other staff members for proper coordination of the event.

            At 11:00 am. All school students and teachers gathered in school premises for celebrating birthday party.

             Our this years theme is ‘SARATHI’.”Sanskriti  ke sath rishte “The festivals celebrated during this event reflected the culture and relations that are maintained everywhere. The games were organised under the theme of Indian festivals.  

                 The event started on 11:20 a.m.  Teacher presented one object at a time based on different festivals celebrated during the year. A total of eight objects were arranged on the table for children to identify and to name them.

Next, the teacher covered all the objects and asked the children to recall it. This was useful for improving their visual memory.

Next Teacher spread all objects on the floor with the help of Mst.Sarang (student of Primary I class) and Miss. Dikshita (student of Primary II). Students were asked to pick up the objects according to the festivals. E.g. For Diwali festival they picked up Diya, lantern, Rangoli, crackers ect. This was to encourage and improve their cognitive skill.

Children enjoyed the game. 

               Mst.Soham (student of Primary I) arranged the chairs for birthday kids and staff members,
Miss Arya (Student of Primary I) did aukshan (Aarti) along with VibhaTeacher, Mst.Adarsh(student of Primary I)  announced the name of birthday person and his/her class name.
Mst. Sarang  presented the gift with the help of Sarang  Sir.

Two cakes were cut by students and staff respectively. Party was concluded with party dance.
           At 3:00 p.m. children enjoyed the yummy “Til Poli”which is the traditional food of Maharashtra made in winter season. The ingredients of Til poli are help full for maintaining the body warmth in winter.

           In this way we enjoyed the January birthday party with help of all teachers and other school staff.