Visit to Pune

33 Students of SBP were taken for a five day camp to Malvan, Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra from 25th to 29th December 2019.
They were divided in to two groups. The First group consisting of 11 students and 9 staff members left for Malvan on 25th December. These students were specially invited by the Members of Mirpuri Family to the Godarivale Baba Ashram at Wagholi, Pune to celebrate Babaji's birthday and give a cultural performance.  The students left from school in a tempo traveller by 9 am. After a stop over at a mall for breakfast the group reached Wagholi at 2 pm. The students enjoyed the  bus journey  by singing and dancing.
They  received a warm welcome at the Ashram by the Mirpuri Family. The students were treated to a sumptuous lunch. Inspite of the large number of devotees assembled in the Ashram two dormitories were allotted to the students. They settled  and rested for a short time before getting dressed for the event.
Students assembled in the hall as the program began with soul touching bhajans by a devotee.
The performance began with a Ganesh vandana dance by Kareena followed by song by Gandhar and Apeksha. It ended with a group performance by Disha, Pratik, Sneha, Mahendra, Gandhar, Tanaya, Harshad, Apeksha, Surekha and Suraj. The audience cheered the students with their non stop applause. The best performance was Sneha's graceful dance to the popular bollywood song. The students were appreciated for their presence and their performances by the Mirpuri family. They were felicitated by the young members of the family with shawls.
Other scheduled programs continued consisting of skits by the devotees to show case the life of BABA and his grace. The skit performed by the devotees greatly touched and moved the students to tears. It was an enriching experience not only for the students but also for the staff members who accompanied them.
The students also received cash gift of Rs.2000/- each for their performances from the Mirpuris.
The Trustee Ms. Pushpa Moorjani who is a part of the Mirpuri family had taken this initiative of participating in the event. The team members of SBP included Ms. Shirish Poojary, Mrs. Sukanya Venkataraman, Ms. Rupali Dhandore, Ms. Maya Kolhe, Ms. Surekha Bhojane, Mr. Sarang Rathod and support staff Ms. Geeta and Mr. Santosh.
Our heartfelt gratitude to J. P. Mirpuri, Mr. Vinod Mirpuri, Mr. Amit Mirpuri, Mr. Romesh Mirpuri and the entire  Mirpuri family for the wonderful opportunity and their warm hospitality.
The group left for Malvan the next day.
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