Children’s Trip To Wagoli - A report

25th December was not just a Christmas day that the world was celebrating, it was also a special day for our children at SBP. It was the day, children were invited at Wagoli to celebrate a cultural event at the birth anniversary of Sant Godhriwala Baba.

Eleven children had practised a group dance for two weeks that they would perform at the event. They gathered at the school compound on the Christmas day at 8am, with their bags packed for four days. They would spend one night at Wagoli and then proceed to Malwan for school camp with thirty more children. At 9am, they bid farewell to their family members, who had come to see them off and their journey started, accompanied by ten staff members in a mini 19seater bus.

The bus trip was vibrant and enjoyable, with children dancing and singing Bollywood songs. After two hours journey, they had a stop over at Khapoli food mall for tea, snacks and relief at bathrooms. The journey continued for another two hours and they reached the ashram in time for lunch at 2pm.

At the venue, they were greeted warmly by members of Mirpuri family.There were many people at the ashram. There were visitors from Pune, Pimpri, Kalyan, Ahmednagar, Poona, and other neighbouring cities. Sant Godriwala Baba Ashram is an old age home that has one large temple at the higher ground level. Kitchen and dinning area is at lower ground level and there is large open area that was converted into amphitheatre. There are more than 40 large rooms but all the rooms were occupied by visiting guests that day. There were rows and rows of mattress spread in all room and even in the passages to accommodate all the guests.   

Two large rooms were allotted to our children, one for boys and other for girls. The children had a short nap after lunch and rested for 3 hours. In the evening, tea and biscuits were served in their rooms and children got dressed in white with saffron belt across the waist. They were ready to perform and came down to the amphitheatre and waited.

The program started with the bhajans by well-known singers and musician, but our children, well behaved like always, waited patiently for their turn. There were thousands of people gathered that included Mirpuri family members who were not only from Poona but also many had come down from HongKong, Bangkok, Dubai and other places specially for this event. 

The minute our children approached the stage, all the audience became attentive and left all other distraction to come and witness the performance. Each and everybody in the audience were impressed with their performance and they could never believe that these children could perform like professionals with pointed focus. There was one dance performed by Karina, this was followed by bhajan by Apeksha and Ghandar. Next was the group dance by all 11 children on the bhajan ‘tumree bin hamara koi hi nahi’. Mirpuri family was so impressed by their dance that the children of the family were called to gift and honour them with a shawl around their shoulders. Sneha decided to dance solo and compliments poured in at her performance too, people said that it seemed like they were watching a Bollywood film.

Late at night after dinner, the children were summoned and feedback was taken. The children were excited to share their experience of the day.

Next morning, the children got ready, packed their suitcases and went for typical Sindhi breakfast of Dhal Pakwan. After breakfast they left for Malwan to continue their 4 day camp with their friends.