Pre-primary -II class celebrated birthdays of 15 students and 4 staff members on Friday, 21st December 2018 in the second half from 1:45pm to 3:15pm in school premises. Greeting cards and gifts were given to teachers and students.

Students helped in wrapping the gifts and preparing the greeting cards. Messages were written by students of Secondary class. Different duties were delegated among staff members for smooth execution of the event. All the children danced to the music played. Cake and biscuits were given to all the students and staff members. Everyone enjoyed the birthday celebration.

Mrs Lochani Krishnamoorthy, mother of Mrs Sukanya V teacher was invited as a special guest to the school to celebrate her birthday with the students.

 This month, the focus was on MANGALA GAUR dance style and importance of Margashirsh as per culture-
2-3 students from each class participated in the a function called “Mangala Gaur” . Mrs Vibha Dhandekar, spoke about holy month of Margashirsh and about fast on Thursday’s during this month. With the help of Mrs Vibha and Ms Rupali Dhandore, the Mangalagaur programme was organized in just 2 days using kitchen equipment Mrs Vidya Avasak did the aarti along with students and staff.

Through this, they gave the message that-

"Mangala Gaur" is a different kind of dance performed by ladies for the happiness, coordination and maintaining good relationship in the family, especially newly married young ladies. 
All the teachers successfully completed the tasks assigned to them.