Birthday Celebration - September 2018

On 21st September, Pre -Vocational-I class organised birthday celebration from 11.00-12.15noon. This month 7 students and 4 staff members celebrated their birthdays.

The birthday preparations began in the third week of September. Gifts and cards were made and packed by the students of the Pre Vocational-I with the help of the class teacher.  Mst. Adnan Kazi helped in writing birthday messages.  The event was anchored by Mst. Adnan Kazi and Mohan Jadhav along with Ms. GraceRekha Simoes (class teacher).

             This month, the focus was on different greeting styles as per culture -Hindi-Namaste, Marathi-Namaskar and Ram-Ram pawna, Punjabi-Sat shri Akaal, Tamil—Namashkar , Urdu-Assalam alaikum, Gujrathi -Jay Shri Krishna.

 Students of Primary-I, Secondary, Pre-Vocational-I and vocational students performed the act of role play. Through role play, they gave the message that-

Greeting is a common expressions used by people when we meet. It is the way of being nice to people telling that we are happy to meet them. “  Every culture has its own way of expressions that they use at home or in the society.
 After cutting of the cake, all the September born students and the staff  were presented with gifts and cards by their respective classmates.  Snacks and cake was distributed to all.  

             All students enjoyed the dance for 15 minutes. All members enjoyed the celebration.