Birthday Celebration - October 2018

12 students and 4 staff members (October born persons)  celebrated their birthday together on 25th October from 11am to 12:30pm. Students of Secondary class organised the event.

Planning began during the first week of October and students chose their duties as per their interest. Greeting cards were made and gifts were packed under the supervision of their class teacher. They even made candle stand for the teachers who were celebrating their birthday on that day.

Ms Ashika Nair anchored the event under the guidance of her class teacher (Mrs Rupali Dhandore). Saumya did the photo shoot, Akhilesh, Gunnit, Niyati and Ashika were in charge of seating arrangement. Shweta helped in decoration of banners, charts and balloons

As per this year’s theme “Saarthi’, the focus this month was on their listening skills. Aids used were bells, Lazzims, Shanks, Tabla, Bansuri, Dholak, Gungaroo, etc Children were asked to identify the sounds of musical instruments and relate its use as per its cultures. 

Another activity performed was based on relationships. Students had to listen to the lyrics of a song and identify the different relations like mother father, sister, brother, grandparents and friendship.

There was a good response and children were able to identify the sounds of the musical instruments and were also able to listen to songs and answer correctly.

Kareena and Devash Shetty presented a dance performance. One of our well wishers  Mrs Laxmi, who visited us on that day, also participated in the birthday celebration.

Children enjoyed themselves with Cake (sponsored by Kareena’s mom) and exchange of gifts and greeting cards.