Vocational camp

On the 8th an overnight camp was organised for 9 students of the vocational section. They came to school at 9 am in the morning and left on the 9th Sept at 11 am. During this period the students were evaluated for their independent living skills. They were evaluated on their personal skills, housekeeping and home science skills, social skills, and behaviour etc. During the stay it was observed that many of them with minimum supervision could cook a simple meal, which included dal, rice some vegetable. Clean and clear the cooking are after the work is over, They played games like housie, hide and seek, went out in the evening and visited temples and garden. It was observed that they could independently walk on the road, well behaved on the road and had learned the simple norms followed in a temple. They were very helpful to each other, friendly and willing to do the jobs assigned to them without resistance. In the personal skills they were evaluated on dressing, privacy, shaving for boys, laying the bedding, etc. They needed very little help.