Birthday Celebration - August 2018

August Birthday Celebration

      On 30th August, students of Pre-Vocational-11 organized the birthday celebration from 11:00 am to 12:15pm.

      This month 10 students and 2 staff members celebrated their birthdays. Birthday cards were made by Pre- vocational-II students with the help of their respective class teacher. Messages were written by Ms.Kareena Rajput and gift were packed by Mr. Mahendra Thakur and others students of vocational-I.

This month of celebration, the focus was on culture of Maharashtra.

Students of Pre Vocational-I and II performed a dance on “Sukhkarta (aarati)” and “Deva Shree Ganesha”. Sukhkarta is Ganesha song. Through this song and dance, the arrival of Lord Ganesha is explained, showing the devotion when devotees bring Ganpati to their homes. This was followed by a skit of maker Sankranti by Vocational-II class. The skit was about the rituals of  Makarshranti and haldi kukkum. The purpose behind this performance was to show the culture of Maharashtra.

For improving speech and language, question and answer session was done with students. There were questions related to Ganpati festival. Other festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Christmas, Idd and other festivals celebrated in India were also discussed during this Q and A session.

Through these activities, children learnt the basics of rhythm, customs, togetherness, coordination, Moral values and improved their confidence.

All the students and staff members celebrating their birthdays were presented with gifts and birthday cards.

Snacks and cake were distributed to all.
All students and staff members enjoyed the celebration.