Workshop for Parents on behaviour Issues and Management by Ms. Sadaf Parkar

On 21st July in the meeting of  Parent Representatives it was decided to organsie a workshop on Behavior issues. As per the parents request and need a workshop was organsied on Saturday 4th August, 2018, at 10.30 am on the topic of Behavior Management by Ms. Sadaf Parkar a Behavior Therapist and counselling Psychologist.
This workshop was arranged for the parents of Play group to Primary II class and 2 parents form Secondary and 3 parents from Pre Vocational I class. 39 parents attended the session.
Mrs. Geeta Malve a parent  welcomed the parents and introduced the speaker.
Ms. Sadaf started with PPT, with the help of which she presented different aspects of behaviors seen in an individual and later talked about the strategies of handling the challenging behavior shown by a child.

During and after the talk she discussed about the behaviors of the child shared by their parents and also about her experiences in her field of work. She gave many useful  tips to the parents for observing and documenting their child’s unacceptable behaviour and also gave strategies to modify that behaviour for better response.