Birthday Celebration June 2018

On 29 June, SBP celebrated 16 students and 7staff members’ birthday between 1.45 - 3.00 pm. The event was organized by the students of class Vocational - 1  under the supervision of class teachers. Preparation was started in the beginning of the month. Entire responsibility were divided into three teachers with students. Decoration& Greetings card done by students with Maya tr's help. Gift wrapping done by students with Nidhi tr's help. Anchoring of the programm was done by Mrs. Surekha Bhojane with Sushil,Apeksha,Sneha.

       PPT was made to explain meaning of SAARATHI. Because this year theme is SAARATHI. The cake and burger was given by Nikisha's Parents for celebrating her birthday in school

The objective of PPT was to develope leadership quality in the students. Overall programme was good.