March 2018 Birthday Celebration

Birthday of 10 students were celebrated on March 29th from 2pm to 3pm.

The event was organized by Vocational-2 .Under Supervision of Sunita and Nidhi Katare Tr.
Name of Student

Mahendra, Pratik, Sushil, With Nidhi Katare Tr.                             
Decoration and Preparation.
Vocationl-1 Student.
Greeting card Making.
Sushil with Sunita Tr.
Anchoring (Information of sthis year’s theme ‘Sagar.)

Tanvi, Sneha, Karina give solo performance .

Sushil, Apeksha give duet performance Koli dance.

Cake and Snacks Sponsored by Ms.Sneha Ms. Tanya and X Student Vocational of class Mr. Devang Chavan.

Charu Nikose teacher. arranged the music system.

Maya teacher. and Laxman sir clicked photos.

Nishi teacher help in serving cake
Snacks were distributed by Shashikant, Laxman, Santosh, Nidhi , Gracerekha Tr.
All students enjoyed the celebration.