January 2018 Birthday Celebration

                        On 31st January 2018 birthday celebration was organised by Mr. Laxman More, the class teacher of pre vocational-II. 

In this month SBP celebrated birthdays of 7 students and 5 staff members. two other Jan-born well wishers, Mrs Anita Rai Garewal and Doctor Aditi Sharma  also celebrated their birthday with the children. 

The program started with children getting information about the food of Assam (which is the theme of this year) . Flash cards were shown to the children with pictures of Assamese cuisine that included famous dishes like Masoor bor, Bilahi Boror Tenga, Lao Aloo pitika, Lusi, Sanmeholi chutney, Gooror Payash, Amitar khar.  

This was followed by Fashion show, performed by play group, pre-primary-I and pre-primary-II class. There was music, singing and group dance performed by students. During birthday celebration duties were performed by students of both classes of pre vocational- I and II. 

Jan-born birthday students, staff and well-wishers were then seated together, and the cake-cutting session began. Cake was sponsored by 'The Daily Baker'

Dry bhel was prepared by pre vocational-I and vocational class under the supervision teachers of Grace and Nidhi. Milk and Bhel was sponsored by Anita Rai Garewal.

Birthday cards were made by the students of pre vocational-I and II class with the help of their respective class teachers. Gifts were packed by pre vocational-II. Program was anchored by Mst. Gandhar Wakurdekar, student of Pre Vocational –l class. 
             All the students and staff members who celebrated their birthday in the month of January were presented with gifts and birthday cards by their respective classmates. 
  In the end of the celebration all students and staff members distributed snacks.