Bansuri Recital for the students of SBP

Swami Brahmanand Pratishthan in association with Anam prem organised a Bansuri recital program for the special children of the centre on 7th January 2018 at Mangal Sabhagruha, Sector 8A, CBD. This event materialized when a book written by Dr. Meenal Katarnikar  ‘ Bansuri and the Mentally Challenged” was given to the School. She quotes verses from the Bhagawat Geeta and writes that Lord Krishna had no successor but he left behind his Bansuri. The soulful notes from the flute of Lord Krishna could mesmerize all living beings. Hence she set out on an experiment to find out if the bansuri played by a pure soul will have the same effect on the souls of the special children. Thus the Anam premis set out on this journey and have been carrying out their work in all parts of India.
SBP which has been carrying out projects to study the effect of Music on special children took this opportunity of working with Anam prem and conduct the Bansuri recital event.
 Pandit Dr. Keshavrao Gindeji, a Mechanical Engineer by profession wrote a book “Venu Vidyan” in which everything about Bansuri was written and published in 2011. Panditji has done 40 years tapasya on Bansuri. He with his disciples Master Dhaval Joshi and Master Parantap Mayekar and Mr. Azaruddin played the bansuri accompanied by table. The performers played many ragas and held the audience spell bound. A 12 feet long Bansuri was played at the end of the program and the deep resonating sound of the bansuri touched the souls of all assembled in the hall. It was a moving and soul stirring experience.
The effect of the bansuri was seen on the children. Some sat still and engrossed. Some feel in to a deep slumber whereas some were so restless and wanted to move out of their place and out of the room, but still came back after some time. Some children moved their hands and rocked their body to the music.
Our heartfelt gratitude to Ginde Guruji and his team for the beautiful rendition, to Anam Prem for organizing the event which was cost free, Dr. Meenal Katarnikar for taking an initiative to study the effect of Bansuri on special children, Mr. Adhar Kulkarni for presenting the book to us and to Mr. Saurabh Nagare for coordinating with us all through out the program. We are also thankful to Swami Brahmanand Parent’s Association for their cooperation and support.