One day camp for the younger students of SBP

This was the first time that the school organised a camp for the young students of  playgroup, Pre-Primary I, Pre-Primary II, Primary I on 15th December.  33 students participated in the camp of which 6 students did not stay the night and went back home with parents.
The students assembled in the school at 2pm with their bag of essential things for the camp as per the list given to them earlier. Every teacher was given the responsibility of supervising 3 students.
An Observation Form was made to assess the student’s level of independence in the Activities of daily living skills, social and behavior skills. This form was given to all the teacher and they had to observe students’ accordingly. 

The day began with an enjoyable  game for students followed by light snacks.The students were then taken to Wonders Park,  Nerul where they  enjoyed a ride in the toy train and played on different slides and swings. 
Students changed their clothes after coming back to school and then they were taken to the second floor for dinner.  Dal, rice, Batata Bhaji, Papad, Pickle, Gulab Jamun was served for dinner. Students thoroughly enjoyed the food very much.
 This was followed by a Campfire on the terrace with children dancing around the fire to the popular bollywood songs. It was a surprise to see that the children inspite of being the first time away from their parents and home enjoyed themselves immensely. 
The students them went off to sleep on the first floor hall of the school where beds were laid out neatly. The children were taught to spread out their bed sheets and arange their own bedding. 
It was observed that most of the studetns slept peacefully while some had problem sleeping. They had to be coaxed and coerced by their respective teachers. 
The next day morning, students woke up by 6:30 am and under the suoervision of their teachers they attended to their morning chores. They were given Chakli, Chivda, Kachori, Biscuits to eat along with tea. They were then taken out for a morning walk and also visited the Saptashrungi Temple.
 All the students walked to temple without any problem. After darshan they came accross a pond nearby. After coming back to school, students had Poha for breakfast. They then started getting ready to go home. They changed their dress and packed their bags with the help of their teachers. 

The one day camp ended successfully with the children enjoying to their hearts content.