November 2017 Monthly Birthday Celebration

                          On 30th November the birthday for the month was celebrated. Overall responsibility was taken by the secondary class students along with Mrs. Rupali Dhandore. It was a half day for the students of the school. Students came in beautiful, colorful dresses (civil dress). It was a lovely morning.  Children were very happy and enthusiastic for the party.

As per this year’s theme, Sagar, PPT was made by Mrs. Rupali on Gujarat’s tourism. It contained India’s map which highlighted the two states Gujarat and Assam. Gujarat map was also shown with its capital and few important tourist places. A CD given by Mrs.Grace Rekha related to a topic was shown.

          Secondary class students made 10 greeting cards for birthday students, and also packed the gifts given by school. They also made two friendship bands for teachers as a birthday gift. Celebration started at 11 am on the first floor of the school.  Secondary students Mst. Harsh, Madhur, Saumya spread the carpet and decorated the birthday table with table cloth, birthday strips, banner, balloons and ribbons.

               Projector and sound system was arranged by Mr. Laxman Mhatre. Computer and photos were handled by Mrs. Charusheela Nikose along with Secondary students Mst. Saumya and Harsh. Mrs. Grace Rekha (event coordinator) took the responsibility of ordering the snacks. 

 Cake and Sweets were sponsored by Mrs. Kaur (Harinder’s mom) and snacks idli, chutney were sponsored by Mrs. Vidya Avsak , Mervin and parents of Devdarsha. Snacks were distributed to all students by Shashikant, Laxman Mahtre, Santosh, Aunty, Grace Rekha and Chayya Sawant.