Children's Day organised by AMWAY INDIA

On 13th November 2017 the students of SBP were invited to participate in the Children’s Day event organized by Amway India.

On the day of the event 26 students  accompanied by the Managing Trustee Mrs. Shirish Poojary, Teachers Ms.Rupali Dhandore and Mr. Sarang Rathod and care taker Mrs. Kasturi.  The event was at 11am upto 1.00pm at the AMWAY INDIA office located at Natraj building Andheri.

The students were entertained by Micky Mouse which they heartily enjoyed. Dancing with him through out. They were served a milk drink. The ambience was beautifully decorated with ballons and the jungle theme.
A story telling event was organized. The story Shakuntala was related and as she also sang a song, made the students sing along and did craft activities related to the story. Small groups of five students were made and  every group was assisted by an AMWAY staff. Students made an attempt to do the things like king, queen, fish, ring, etc. Various craft items were given in a packet to every student. The story relater made an attempt to make it simple to the level of the students. This also gave an opportunity  to assess and evaluate the ability of the students as they made the various items.
After the completion of this event,the senior staff members addressed the students. They made them laugh and clap by asking questions. Mr Jignesh compered the show. Every staff member had bought beautiful gifts for the children. As each one got the gift, every student gave them a return gift made at school. The programme ended with students putting a tattoo and snack were given which they ate in the bus.
This event gave us the opportunity to observe the students behaviour in the bus, their level of independence , the ability to perform a particular task by listening to the instructions and their social skills.
The students were extremely happy and enjoyed the event and were thrilled by the gifts they received and carried back many for their friends in school. Our heartfelt gratitude to Amway India and to Jignesh for giving this opportunity to our students.

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