Participation in the workshop "Power of Roles" by Keystone Institute India and AWMH Maharashtra

The workshop was organized on 12th of September  at Holiday Inn, Andheri, Mumbai from 9:30 am to 6pm by AWMH Maharashtra, Keystone Institute India, Prayatna, National trust and Hans foundation.
The workshop began with  Presentations:  Social devaluation and its Impacts

A definition of Social Role Valorization
The enablement, establishment, enhancement, maintenance, and defense of valued social roles for people at value-risk by using, as much as possible, culturally valued means” 

A Person Becomes Perceived or Defined as Devalued…
·         By being different from others…
·         In one or more dimensions…
·         Which are perceived as significant by a majority or ruling segment of society…
·         Who value this difference negatively

The Price of Devaluation is Distantiation- Physical as well as Social

1.       The structure and context of the physical environment
2.       The people associated with a person or group
3.       The behaviors that are expected, demanded, shaped, acted out, and the activities engaged in
4.       The language that is used
5.       Other imagery attached to a person or group

SOCIAL ROLE(as defined by sociologist Talcott Parsons)
A social role may be defined as a socially expected pattern of behaviors, responsibilities, expectations, and privileges
The presentations were followed by group discussions and exchange of ideas. 
The workshop was an eyeopener to many of us working in the field of disability and motivated us to think difernetly about the persons we are working with and what possible changes in the attitude we could bring about in ourselves. The persons with special needs are most often devalued and distanced from their own families and the community. The information shared and discussed in the workshop encourages us to think and work on the differnt social roles played by them and its value in the society.