Teacher's Day Celebration at SBP

Teacher’s day was celebrated in the school premises on 6th of August by the students.The event was made special by the studetns as they took the responsibility of planning and organising the event for their teachers with the guidance and supervision of the event coordinators Ms. Grace Rekha Simoes and Ms. The program started with a beautiful song sung by a student followed by fun games for the teachers. The event ended with a group performance by the students. As teachers were engaged in playing games younger children of the school were taken care of by Vocational students along with non- teaching staff. All the teachers and students enjoyed the program immensly.

Teacher’s day was again celebrated at SBP on 9th September 2017 in the school premises. The teachers and other professionals of all three units assembled in the school at 10am. The program began at 10:30 am with a welcome address by the Managing Trustee Mrs. Shirish Poojary followed by performances by the Teachers. Ms. Anita Punj presented her poetry followed by a melodious song by Ms. Smita Waghmare, a scintillating group dance by Ms. Vidya, Ms. Charushila and Ms. Smita Waghmare. The performances came to an end with a graceful dance by Ms. Vedashree.
After the performances, fun games were organised for the staff by the Event Coordinator Ms. Grace Rekha Simoes and Mrs. Sukanya Venkataraman the Principal of the school. The games organised focused on the  teachers ability to concentrate, complete the given task within a given time, working effectively as a team and alertness. The last game for the day was an antakshari with a difference where the popular hindi songs were translated in English and the teachers who were divided in two groups took turns to identify and sing the song within 20 seconds.
The day was filled with fun and enjoyment for the teachers. The teachers face lot of stress during their work with the children and do not get an opportunity to unwind themselves. With this in mind the Management of SBP organised a fun filled day for the teachers to relax, enjoy and have fun.
Prizes were given to the performers and prize winners of the fun games by the Trustees. The theme for the year being “Sagar”the teachers were also presented with  auspicious “ Conch Shell”. The day ended with  sumptuous lunch for all.