Parents Meeting

The Parents-teachers meeting for the academic year 2017-18 was held on 17th June 2017 at Kairali Hall, CBD from 10:30 am to 1:00pm and at Seabird Special School, Uran from 3 to 5pm.

There was good attendance, which is a good news because seeing parents interested in activities of the school is the encouragements for staff to work harder. The children show progress when parents and teachers work jointly. Whatever is taught at school, if the same activity is carried out at home, there are better results. The Parents were introduced to the Theme of the year and the events planned. The Rules and regulations of the School was also presented to the Parents. The Importance and role of parents in the overall growth and development of the students was stressed. 

The parents were informed about the theme of the year Sagar which is the combination of Assam and Gujarat. The children will learn culture, food and lifestyle of these states in greater depth, during this year in informal teaching through different activities and events organised during the year.

Parents were also informed about our new project Brahmagiri..a residential home for ID adults. The plot has been bought at Kharghar by Vaswani family, and Rupa builders will be building it free of charge. But we need to collect corpus funds for the running of the school and parent’s help is required to help us raise the funds.

We have some staff teachers coordinators who will form the bridge between management of the school and the parent. Two parents are selected from each group to represent each group and will be in contact with other parents informing them about the activities at school. The group are divided into sports, home-science, medical, drama and music.

The coordinators presented their plan. The Principal and Trustees requested Parents to cooperate and support the activities of the school by sending their ward regularly to school and by keeping in touch with the class Teachers and school authorities.The Parents of the Self Help Group Swayam requested the parents to get more involved and help in the marketing of the products made at Swayam. 

There was similar meeting at Seabird, our centre at Uran too and same pattern was followed in that centre too. The participation of parents in that school was also good.

The meeting was a great success .

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  1. Another commendable effort by SBP. Appreciation for Teachers, participating parents, well wishers and contributors !!


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