Camp 2016 at Chandra Nagar, Dapoli

A three day camp at Chandra Nagar Dapoli was organised for the students from 26th to 28th December 2016. This gave the students an opportunity to live away from home and the teachers got an opportunity to evaluate their student's  degree of Independence.

Day 1
The trip started from CBD School at 7:30 am, on the way picked 6 staff and 5 students of uran at pen.
During the journey Vada Paav and dry snacks was distributed for refreshments.
 The bus reached Varshavan (the residence owned by Ms Pushpa Mhaske) in Chandra Nagar, Dapoli at 1:30 pm…a surprise welcome of fire crackers and flowers was waiting to receive us.
After lunch a rest students were shown different types of snakes. next the campers were taken to Murud Beach, where they all enjoyed the beach, sea water, Boating , sunset and Bhel  prepared by aunties,
on returning to camp sit all were served with  Misal Pav for dinner 
After the day long journey and lots of fun most of them retired for the day and the rest enjoyed the bonfire and cold chilling climate.

Day 2
Students got ready for the day by 8 am and were served hot Upma for breakgast
At  10:30am a Ferry ride of 45 minutes was booked by Mr. Sai Khanvilkar  at Dabhol followed by visit to Chandika Temple where the Idol  of Devi is formed  on the rock in a small cave, after the pooja and blessings the campers  were brought back to campsite and given lunch.
In the late after noon the students visited a  Ganesh Temple at Anjarle village situated near Anjare beach.
Post dinner a“ Campfire and Antakshari”  was organized on the big wide terrace where the Boys team and girls team sat around the Campfire they actively participated in Antakshari and sang along with their groups and some of them danced around the fire.

Day 3
The last day students got ready by 10 am. after breakfast they Packed their  bags with the help of teacher in charge and relaxed by Dancing to music in the open area. A small tour of  a Primary school owned and planned  by Mr Suhas Khanvilkar, the chief person to make arrangements for the camp  at Dapoli.
3:30pm –Started journey back  and reached school at 9:30 pm.