October 2016 Birthday Celebration at School

Monthly birthday celebration took place at SBP, Belapur Centre on 20th October 2016. It was to celebrate fifteen birthdays of October born students and staff.

It was organised by class teacher of our secondary group, Mrs Rupali . The preparations began earlier, gifts and cards were made by students of secondary group under Rupali’s supervision.

Before the celebration, all teachers presented a small skit related to behavior issues with the message of distinguishing the good behavior from bad. For example- bad behavior as to throwing temper tantrums in the classroom.

This was followed by cutting of cake jointly with all the celebrating students and staff. Birthday gifts and cards were then presented by their respective classmates. One of the students’ sister also celebrated her birthday with our school students and she also gave gifts to the birthday students on her behalf. Cake, sweet roll and chocolates were distributed to all the students. The celebration ended with music and dance.

Birthday event was an learning experience whereby children learnt about presentable behaviour acceptable in the society through fun and games.