Ganapthi Festival

Students and staff members of SBP celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi on 13th September in the school premises between 03.00-04.00pm. Eco friendly Ganesh idol was made by the students under the supervision of Ms Smita Vartak(Craft Teacher) and Ms Charu Nikose (Occupational Therapist). Students and staff welcomed Lord Ganesha with Lezime dance and music and performed Aarti/ pooja. All the students and staff members received blessings of Lord Ganesha.
On 14th September at 2.30pm after Aarti and pooja Ganesha idol was taken to all the class rooms for blessings along with students. Visarjan of Ganesha idol was done in the water pool. Students had a hands on experience of Ganesh Visarjan. On both the days all students and staff were served prasad (Modak, Sheera, Laddos, fruits, cake) which were sent by the parents. The objective of the celebration was to give practical experience to all the students.