August Birthday Celebrations

On 29th August, both our centres, CBD and Uran students celebrated their birthday at school with August born students and staff.

 Swati, Vaishnavi and Purva dressed in saree draped in Kerala style while Sara wore Punjabi dress. Shruti wore Keralite styled skirt with gold border.

It was the birthday celebration of Naitik, Ganesh, Yash and Shrilak. The birthday was celebrated by cutting of cake, exchanging greeting cards, singing and dancing.

The whole school at Uran participated in Birthday celebration with full team spirit.

At our CBD centre, fourteen persons (including children and staff) celebrated their birthdays together. The event was organised by Mr. Laxman More of Pre-vocational unit. The planning of the party began after 15th August. Gifts and cards were made and packed by students of pre-vocational unit with their teacher's help and were presented to the birthday students by their respective classmates.

Ms Pooja Awate, student of vocational unit sponsored the snacks and cake for all the staff members and students.

On the activity front, students were given more information on Kerala state with the help of flash cards related to this year's theme UJALA.

The celebration ended with music and dance; The objective of the celebration was to bring all the student together and have a good time.