June 2016 Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays of students and staff are celebrated jointly at the end of each month during which all the activities and celebrations that take place are centred around the theme, so that they learn in casual way a serious topic while they are in playful mood.

Ujala-A theme focused around learning art and culture of two states in India, Punjab and Kerela. This is the theme around which the birthdays will be celebrated every month during this year from june2016 to April 2017.

Birthdays of June born Students and staff was celebrated on 30th June. The report of  birthday celebration at SBP, CBD centre was submitted by Maya and Surekha, who were in charge of this event. Rekha had to coordinate all events and make a report along with them. The report of Sweekar (Uran center) was compiled by Rakesh and Dhananjay

The report of the celebration was compiled and presented by both centres.

June Birthday was celebrated by 17 persons (students and staff included) at CBD centre and 3 students from Uran center.

Parents distributed chocolates and wafers, cakes and burgers were sponsored by MrDoshi. Birthday children received gifts and birthday cards were made by students of vocational centre After the cake cutting ceremony, There was music, dance and some activities around the theme ‘Ujala’. 

Children learnt about Punjab and its culture, food, behavior and demography. They learnt about the loving and carefree nature of Punjabis, their main occupation being farming of wheat and sugarcane. They learnt about Kerala culture, about it being known as 100% literate. Children also learnt about the different dialects used in these two cities. 

Powerpoint presentation. made the work easier and learning simple. The purpose of the event was practical exposure to social skills and to enable socialisation. 

All the students enjoyed the event.