Parents Meeting on 18th June

                                                                      Managing Trustee & Principal
       Event  Coordinator Ms. Grace Rekha Simoes
 Competition & Participation Coordinator Ms. Rupali Dhandore
 Medical Coordinator Dr. Charushila Nikose
 Parent Coordinator Mrs. Vidya Avasak
Sports Coordinator Mrs. Bhima Dhandekar
 Play Group Class Teacher Ms. Smita Waghmare
 Pre Primary I Class Teacher Ms. Sarika Sakpal
 Pre Primary II Class Teacher Ms. Shobha Phadtare
 Primary i Class Teacher Ms. Vidya Avasak
 Primary II Class Teacher: Ms. bhima Dhandekar
Secondary Class teacher Ms. Rupali Dhandore
 Computer Instructor Ms. Anita Punj
 Craft teacher Ms. Smita Vartak
 Sports Instructor Mr. Sarang Rathod
Occupational therapist Dr. Charushila Nikose

Parents Meeting was held on 18th June 2016 in the School Premises from 9:30am to 4:30 Pm. The Principal began the meeting followed by presentations by Class Teachers of levels Play group to Secondary,  stating their class goals, Time Table, Rules, Expectations from Parents, Activities to develop various abilities etc. Other Professionals like Sports Instructor, Occupational therapist, Computer teacher, Art and Craft Teacher also spoke about their Annual program for each class.
The Principal introduced the Coordinators for the Year. The coordinators also spoke to the parents about their goals for the year. The meeting was summed up by the Managing Trustee Mrs. Shirish Poojary who spoke about the importance of parents participation and involvement in the school activities.
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