Our Students Honoured with Cash Award On Women’s day

It was a proud moment for us when Indian athletes won 173 medals at the Special Olympics at Los Angeles in 2015 and biggest happiness was when our children brought back two medals (one gold and one silver) for aquatic events making us proud.

Sneha Verma brought back Gold

Disha Maru brought Silver

Celebration has been on since they have returned. They have been invited as chief guest to different  private functions, have been invited for parties as special guest. They have become an inspiration for many people in the city.

They have be the center of attention in Navi Mumbai and Belapur receiving various awards for their feat, but the biggest surprise was when they received a large cash award on Women’s day.

Sneha Verma received 5Lakhs for Gold and Disha Maru received 3 lakhs for gold

They have even appeared on Zee news. See their video coverage by news channel here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khSgR3MyiL4

The cash award will be of great help to the students for their future plans and the celebrations continues…….