Bhoomi Pooja at New Uran Center

The sun was unusually warm; the AC in the car was no relief. We set out at 10am to drive towards Sweekar, our sister center at Uran. At 10:45 we reached at the center, which is actually a rented place where we have shifted recently. It is too much of hassle for us to shift to new place each time the lease ends, not to mention the expenses incurred each year.

Therefore we were very pleased that we were able to buy a small piece of land, somewhere close by where we could build a new school of our own.

We headed towards the new plot of land. It was an auspicious day and Bhoomi Pooja was organized for this day.

In India, Bhoomi Puja is a ceremony performed to inaugurate a new site for the construction of a home or building. This ceremony is conducted in strict conformance to Vaastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of structures and architecture.

According to Hindu beliefs, by performing this 'pooja' the right energy and natural elements surrounding the site can be propitiated. Usually the time chosen is in accordance to the 'Vaastu Muhurtam,' which is the time when the 'Vaastu Purusha' (energy surrounding the site) is believed to be in full strength

Teachers, trustees, students and some important people were invited for this occasion.

Drs Mr and Mrs Moralwar did the honor of performing the prayers

The blessing of the earth is for better vibrations and for requesting the worms and insects to move to another place.

Children also took part in the prayers and in laying down the foundation stone of the school building

A small section of earth was dug out and many people took the axe and broke the earth. Some symbolic precious things were also buried under the earth.

The children were very amused to see this event and they were happy to be part of this important milestone.

Ganesh Sindhe, the nagara adhaksha, was the chief guest and he promised to construct an open ground in front of our school and improve the infrastructure of the area around the school.

After the prayers, we returned back to our center at Sweekar where we all enjoyed a local feast of delicious lunch.