School camp

35 students and 11 staff members went to Wagholi, Pune for three day camp from 5th to 7th February. The students had a wonderful time at Godriwale Baba Ashram with the members of the Mirpuri family. They were also taken to Chokhi Dhani where they had immense fun. They also visited Ekmuku Dutta and Balaji temple, Vagheshwar Mandi, Chintamani Ganesh temple at Thevoor. They experinced satsang at Shantikunj with Devka Didi and the devotees. Our Heartfelt gratitude to Mr. J.P.Mirpuri, Devka Didi and all the devotees of the ashram. Mr. Amit Mirpuri arranged a visit to Sadguru  Sadu Vasvani Ashram, Pune.The three day camp was a wonderful and unforgetful experience for all.