Visitors from Spain are Happy with Our School Children

The students of our school feel very happy when we have visitors at school. This week we had our well wisher from Tenerife, Spain. Mr Sunder Mirpuri came to visit our school with his grand daughter and spent few hours with the children.

 Mr Sunder Mirpuri played an important part in helping us construct the vocational center. We had put up a name plate in one of the classrooms, which was in the loving memory of his parents. He was very touched to see it.

They visited the classroom and were impressed with the kind of work the children were doing.

They were happy to share their happy moments with the children, and bought many things made by our children

There are lots of interaction with the children who wanted to know the details of the place they came from and thanking them for all the help they have given to them.

Children were happy to pose  pictures with them 

Some children exhibited their singing talent

It was wonderful morning spent at school and they promised to come back again on their next visit to India